Updated version of "TrueSkill Through Time" Bayesian Inference Code

Back in 2007 Ralf Herbrich and co. wrote a research paper called "TrueSkill Through Time". Their sample code was written with a pre-release of F# 1.0, and was not updated to F# in Visual Studio 2010.

Here is an update of this code for F# in Visual Studio 2010, as requested by some people commenting on that blog entry. Please note that I'm not an expert in the code, and that it does currently require a database connection to use (to save the analysis results)


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  1. Matt says:

    Hi dsyme. Please could you do the same for blogs.technet.com/…/trueskill-in-f.aspx ?

  2. Ralf Herbrich says:

    Thanks for fixing up the problems – in particular the unit-of-measure bugs!

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