Some F# Programming Jobs in London

Regular readers of my blog will know that from time to time I post links to F# jobs as a courtesy to the F# community.

I particularly follow those in London, where we have F#unctional Londoners and other functional/finance/.NET user groups. Here are a few:

Senior F# Developer

C# WPF F# developer- Quant group

F# Developer/Programmer (C#, SQL) - Top Tier Investment Bank

C# Dev 4.0 Hedge Fund Statistical Arbitrage F#

C# / C++ / F# Developer - London - Hedge Fund

Comments (4)
  1. Josh Reuben says:

    How about F# jobs in Israel? I've read your book + the F# survival guide – but am not seeing any market penetration in my geo-location. Industry inertia around curly bracket syntax ?

  2. Robin Taylor says:

    Have tried to click on links but asks me to log in to MSDN and then says "Group not found"

  3. dsyme says:

    Hi Robin – could you try again now? If it still doesn't work, let me know, also try and search for "F#"

  4. Robin Taylor says:

    Thanks Don – links now working 🙂

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