Potential Post-PhD and Internship Positions in Web-Delivered, Data-Rich Cloud Programming

Microsoft Research in Cambridge has ongoing Post-doctorate positions open for very high quality recent PhD-level graduates, and internships for current PhD candidates. I would like to encourage potential candidates interested in the field of web-delivered, data-rich cloud programming. Think of taking some of the world’s greatest applied programming language work, delivering it to high quality…


How to let other teams at Microsoft know how they can support F# better

Would you like to see other teams at Microsoft doing specific things to support F# better? Then now you have a great way to let them know! For example, lets say you would like the .NET CLR to implement more and better floating point optimizations around SSE4, AVX etc. Then go and add your votes…


Please submit, vote on and discuss F# and Visual Studio features

 Visual Studio now has a great site where you can enter and vote on features for languages and otehr aspects of Visual Studio.  Submit and Vote on F# and Visual Studio Features Here! Please take the time to vote on features and submit new ones. This is a very helpful way for us to garner…


Today’s the day to say it…. I’m an Apple II kid

Today’s the day to say it loud and clear: I’m an Apple II kid…. I grew up in Toowoomba, Australia, and had the good fortune to go to a (then somewhat radical) primary school which had an Apple II+ for use in Year 6 and 7. I guess it was 1979-1982. My brother had already taught me the joys…


F# 2-Year Contract Position for Biological Modelling Language Development

Here are some details on an F# contract position at MSR Cambridge. Contract Position for Biological Modelling Language Development (F#) Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK – 4th October 2011 Microsoft Research Cambridge has available a 2-year contract position for development of a programming environment for designing and simulating computer models of biological systems. The environment supports…


The MSR Cambridge Research Games Team invite you to play Blotto

My colleagues at MSR Cambridge in the research games team have released a Facebook app called “Project Waterloo” (http://apps.facebook.com/msrwaterloo).  The app allows users to play the two-player turn-based game called Blotto (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blotto_games) with other Facebook users. Blotto is an incredibly interesting game which is well known in the game theory community.  We would like to…


F# presentation – F# Eye for the C# Guy

Phil Trelford has a nice set of slides from a recent talk in Belfast called F# Eye for the C# Guy. F# Eye 4 the C# Guy  


Demo Scripts from the F# 3.0 BUILD talk

[ Note: before using the Freebase demo in the ZIP you may need to remove the “mark of the web” from all DLLs in the extracted ZIP, see this blog post on error code 0x80131515 ] Some people have been asking for the demo scripts from the F# 3.0 talk at BUILD in order to give…


Tonight in London: Tomas Petricek on Async in F# 2.0 and C# 5.0

Tonight in London For One Night Only The F#unctional Londoners Proudly Present Tomas Petricek on Async in C# & F# Wednesday, October 5, 2011, 6:30 PM The Skills Matter eXchange 116-120 Goswell Road, London (map) Selected By: Phillip Trelford Asynchronous programming is the key to writing efficient and scalable server-side code in .NET as well…


Oxford Team Using F# Wins "Lambda: The Gathering" ICFP 2011 Programming Competition

The winners of the annual ICFP Programming Competition were announced at at ICFP 2011 in Tokyo. Two of the slides from the presentation night are below. The tsunami disaster is mentioned in the full deck, I find it hard to write this blog post, I am lost for words at the thought of what the country…