6 Month Contract Position at MSR Cambridge: Cross-Platform and Web-Delivered Data-Rich Programming with F# 3.0


Microsoft Research are seeking candidates for a 6-month contract position in F# programming to help improve the capabilities of F# in the area of cross-platform and web-delivered data-rich programming.

The candidate should have several of the following:

  • Excellent F# programming skills
  • Experience with ASP.NET, Web, Silverlight and/or Javascript programming
  • Experience with implementing tooling for typed languages including type checking, compilation, code editing and interactive evaluation
  • Knowledge of client-server programming and web-service implementation
  • Knowledge and experience of F# 3.0 type providers

In addition, we are also interested in people with the following skills:

  • Knowledge and experience with Hadoop and other map/reduce paradigms
  • Knowledge of schema implementation and transformation in functional programming languages
  • Knowledge and experience with web data and API technologies such as REST,
  • Experience with applied data-rich programming in areas such as bio-informatics, semantic-web or financial programming

If you are interested in working with us at MSR Cambridge for 6 months and have skills in the above areas, please contact me (dsyme@microsoft.com) or Alex Reed (alreed@microsoft.com) with your application details. The appointment would be for 6 months from Jan 2012. The position would be on location at Microsoft Research in the beautiful city of Cambridge, UK.

Separately, we are also looking for internship and post-phd applicants in related areas.



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