How to let other teams at Microsoft know how they can support F# better

Would you like to see other teams at Microsoft doing specific things to support F# better? Then now you have a great way to let them know!

For example, lets say you would like the .NET CLR to implement more and better floating point optimizations around SSE4, AVX etc. Then go and add your votes to this Visual Studio suggestion!  Also, add your comments and join the discussion - make your case why this is a crucial feature for high performance programming.  

Similarly, would you like the Visual Studio debugger to have better support for F#? Do you have some specific suggestions in mind? Then go and tell the Visual Studio Debugger team over in this section of the Visual Studio ideas website

Likewise, would you like more samples for using F# with another technology, like specific parts of the BCL or a .NET technology like Windows Workflow? There are sections for these on the site as well, and people at Microsoft are eager to hear feedback like this.

Remember, the more of your friends you get to vote, and the better your feedback, the more that helps Microsoft make great products. It can be real fun to discuss platform and tooling features and try to work out what should and shouldn't be supported, so go and make your case today 🙂


P.S. Another great way to contact teams about F# support is through their blogs. For example, you might like Visual Studio LightSwitch to support F# - if so, the Visual Studio LightSwitch team blog is here, likewise the Visual Web Developer Express team,  or if you have feedback about specific code optimizations needed from the CLR, then drop a line to the CLR Code Generation team here, or the CLR Perf team here.

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  1. David says:

    I'd like to see the test coverage tool to be able to tell the coverage of agent based systems and the various types of messages both for F# agents but could also apply to agent based systems built with the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime with any language. That might be a tremendous amount of work but would be very useful. I'm even reading about a third such API in the TPL?

    What would be the most appropriate thread to put that suggestion in?


    Don says: Hi David – I think the PFX/TPL team blog is the one to go for,

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