I’m keynoting at FPDay, October 14 – Functional Programming Event in Cambridge, UK

Both Simon Peyton Jones and myself will be giving keynotes at FP Day on October 14, in Cambridge, UK. Please come along and join us there!

FP Day is a new one-day event for the Functional Programming community in the UK and around the world.

Intended to be hands-on and interactive, FP day will give you the opportunity to share experiences with others, find out more about the latest tools and techniques available, network with your peers and have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The event will also have a strong, practical focus on learning more about the principles of Functional Programming, using it effectively and exploring possibilities with current FP technologies.

The final programme includes: keynotes from Simon Peyton Jones and Don Syme, practical sessions on programming with Haskell, Clojure and F#, short talks on Functional Programming with real-world examples and plenty of general discussions on different FP languages.


Simon Peyton-Jones Keynote: Towards Haskell in the Cloud

Don Syme Keynote: F# Today, F# Tomorrow – Data-Rich Programming Meets Functional Programming Super-Drug

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  1. Jackhu MSFT says:

    lol @ "Functional Programming Super-Drug"

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