I’m speaking at //build/ this week

As everyone doing development with Microsoft tools is probably aware, this week is the //build/ conference in Anaheim!

Session details are now yet up for the individual sessions! Here's the link to my talk: F# 3.0: data, services, Web, cloud, at your fingertips. I'm looking forward to joining everyone at the conference and giving my talk.

If you're into F# and would like to meet during the week, please drop me a note and we'll arrange a get-together.

See you there!





Comments (3)

  1. Eriawan says:

    Hi Don, is there an exact release date for F# 3.0? Or will it be only available with the release of Visual Studio 11?

    If it'll be available only with the release of Visual Studio 11, then it'll also break the habit of current F# independent release of Visual Studio.

  2. Sam Griffith says:

    I noticed that F# is not listed as a language to build apps for Windows 8. Is this true, an oversite, or is F# being left out on purpose.  I have been using it for some desktop and Windows Phone 7 work and was disappointed that it is not listed as a supported language.

    Thanks for a great language.

  3. Eriawan,

    I'm on the F# team, and there is a plan to release an F# 3.0 tools after Visual Studio 11 is released. See blogs.msdn.com/…/f-3-0-developer-preview-now-available.aspx for more details.

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