A New MSDN Forum For All Topics Related to F# Programming

Over on the F# team blog we've announced that we’ve activated an MSDN forum for all topics related to F#.

We’re adding an MSDN form to the F# community mix because we know that a large proportion of the F# community strongly associate with the MSDN community and want F# to have a high presence amongst MSDN developers.

Many of you will probably be saying "what took you so long!" 🙂 Well, F# has several existing great forums, particularly hubfs, IRC and stackoverflow. These are the lynchpins of the F# community, and we very much expect this to continue to be the case. We particularly want to take this opportunity to highlight all the work done by Chris Barwick in running the hubfs site over the years. F# is a really open effort with a really active community, and community leaders such as Chris and others have created a wealth of online community presence, interaction and content. These and many other community members will, I’m sure, also be dropping by the new forums too.

So, please add this new F# community forum to your RSS feeds, and come and join the discussions!

Kind regards

Daniel Quirk & Don Syme

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