F# at TechEd North America, Next Week in Atlanta!

Next week I'll be talking at TechEd North America in Atlanta. Here are the details, and hope to see you there!


DEV323: A Taste of F#: Today and Future
Breakout Session DEV323
B213 Wednesday, May 18 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 provides integrated support for F#, a productive new functional and object-oriented programming language for the Microsoft .NET Framework. This session highlights the many ways developers can leverage F# in Visual Studio 2010, including examples of when and where F# can be applied most effectively, and how F# integrates naturally with existing solutions, as well as showing many of the most exciting features of the F# language and tools. Demos range from real-world high-productivity exploration with the F# Interactive, up to robust .NET component development, introducing powerful F# language features including support for parallelism, succinct expressive syntax, rich access to .NET and the more declarative functional style of programming in F#. We also take a look at what’s ahead for F#, integrating data and services into the programming language through F# type providers.

DEV328: How We Do Language Design at Microsoft (C#, Visual Basic, F#)

B312 Monday, May 16 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM

Primary Speaker(s): Alex Turner, Donald Syme, Lisa Feigenbaum, Lucian Wischik
Hear from the C#, Visual Basic, and F# language designers themselves, about how we create the .NET Framework languages at Microsoft. Where do we get ideas? How do we incorporate new paradigms without breaking the existing languages? Where will we go in the future, and how will we get there? We talk about all these topics and more. Come ready for an interactive session, and get your questions answered by the team!

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