F# for Python Developers, The San Francisco Bay Area F# User Group, Monday March 7

For those in the Bay Area, On next Monday, March 7, Darren Platt will be presenting on F# for Python Developers at the San Francisco Bay Area Users Group. Darren is a world leading expert in bioinformatics.

Details: Monday, March 7, 2011, 6:30pm, 835 Market St Ste 700 San Francisco, CA

Both Python and F# are cross-platform, open source languages which have similarities in mindset and syntax. If you enjoy programming in the functional style in Python, you'll feel at home with F#. If you don't know Python, you'll still benefit from this talk because it'll be a good introduction to F#.

For those new to F#, in a nutshell it's a functional programming language from the ML family of languages. It runs on OSX, Linux, Windows, Solaris, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and the Xbox. It gives you performance and safety from being statically typed, yet has a clean and simple syntax. Tooling support is excellent. Extensive libraries exist for just about any kind of situation, and true multithreaded programming is supported.

About the speaker:  A Principal Scientist at Amyris Biotechnologies, Darren Platt has had a pivotal role in many Bay Area bioinformatics organizations. He was Senior Director of Research at 23andMe, a leader in direct to consumer genetic testing. He was head of Bioinformatics at the Joint Genome Institute where his novel DNA assembly algorithms enabled work on the Neanderthal genome, among others. Darren was a founding member of the Bioinformatics group at Exelixis which pioneered the gene discovery and analysis software industry.

He is also an author of the Forge DNA assembly algorithm which combines Sanger and "next generation" sequence data to assemble genomes de novo.

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