F# Machine Learning in Finance Job (Switzerland)

Those who read my blog will know that rom time to time I post F# job listings as a favour to the F# community. This one is from Lawrence Austen.

Trafigura is searching for an exceptional candidate interested in applying Machine Learning to the commodities markets.  The ideal candidate will have:

  • Exceptional analytical skills. We are very interested in talking with you if you have strong skills in machine learning, statistics, astrophysics, economics or other fields that deal with large, noisy data sets. A solid foundation in quant finance is a plus, but not necessary.

  • High level .net skills. Must be able to hit the ground running in C# or, very preferably, F#.

  • Experience developing real systems with F#, Haskell, Ocaml or other functional languages.

  • Masters or PhD from one of the top universities in your country.

More details at the link above....

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  1. Vlastimil says:

    how do i apply?


    [ Don: hi, see the email address on the page linked to above]

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