Please Submit Content/Feedback on the F# MSDN Docs

The MSDN docs for F# are a primary learning and reference point for much of the language and the F# library.

We really do value & read fedback on the MSDN docs, so please do take the time to tell us how the docs can be made. You can submit feedback in a number of ways

  • Through the "Community Content" panel on each page,
  • Through the “Feedback" link  at the very bottom of each MSDN page, which goes directly to Gordon, from our doc team.
  • Directly to (though submitting as Community Content or feedback is preferred)

We suggest that people use the Community Content if they want to post supplementary content or a corrected version of buggy content, and the Feedback link for bugs.

For example, we just had someone learning F# submit feedback that the documentation for "Seq.head/Seq.tail" doesn't make it clear that sequences are not cached, so each call will re-evaluate the sequences. Gordon will be working on an update for that. Feedback like this is invaluable to us, especially if given with an eye to making learning the language and library simpler and more intuitive.

So, please submit your content, send us your feedback and help us make the F# docs great!





Comments (3)

  1. Arseny Kapoulkine says:

    Hello, Don

    I'm sorry to intrude like this, but I wanted to ask about the best way to report this.

    I'm seeing… let's say, a very disappointing compilation performance for F# code. I have a 100 kb project (single assembly), split across 29 files; in VS2010 (compiler version 4.0.30319.1) it took ~3 seconds to build (which is already quite bad – since it's 3.5 seconds for *every* build because there are no incremental builds; moreover, splitting assembly in two resulted in increase of full build time (to ~4.5 seconds), and moderate improvement for incremental build (leaving 1 10 kb file in an .exe assembly I got it down to 1.5 seconds…).

    However, I've installed VS2010 SP1 beta today (compiler version 4.0.31118.1), and the performance got horrible – the build now takes 9.5 seconds instead of 3).

    I can prepare profile dumps (fsc –times option); I tried to build the F# compiler from source to get the more detailed performance picture but did not quite make it yet.

    Anyway, the question is – what do I do now? 🙂 Should I file it as a Connect bug? (if so, what's useful to help track it down – time reports? source code with build instructions? etc.) Is a 30 kb/sec baseline performance (i.e. before an update) expected – if so, are there any improvement plans?

  2. Arseny Kapoulkine says:

    The source of original slowdown was actually ngen; it seems that the installer queued the background ngen process, so that right after the install (and after a reboot!) fsc.exe performed poorly, but after several hours the performance is back to baseline. The questions about baseline performance still stand.

  3. Arseny Kapoulkine says:

    And one more question: currently I don't have any interface (fsi) files; do they help in case of a single assembly; do they help in case of multiple assemblies? (I hope the answer to both is "no", but I'd like to check).

    [ Don says: Right, the answer is no 🙂 ]

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