Announcing an F# Meetup Group in Seattle

An F# Meetup Group in Seattle has now been launched by Tao Liu on the F# team. (It’s only just been created, so get in early!) If you’re in the Seattle or King County area and are interested in F#, then please join, and help get the group off to a great start. A good meetup group…


6 Month Contract Position at MSR Cambridge: Cross-Platform and Web-Delivered Data-Rich Programming with F# 3.0

  Microsoft Research are seeking candidates for a 6-month contract position in F# programming to help improve the capabilities of F# in the area of cross-platform and web-delivered data-rich programming. The candidate should have several of the following: Excellent F# programming skills Experience with ASP.NET, Web, Silverlight and/or Javascript programming Experience with implementing tooling for typed…


F# agents with timeouts

Gordon has a blog post on F# agents with timeouts In my previous post , I showed a code snippet with a very simple F# agent console application. You run the app from the console, and every time you enter a line of text, it generates a new message and posts it to the message…


Updates to the August 2011 F# 2.0 Compiler Code Drop

Over on the F# team blog we’ve announced Updates to the August 2011 F# 2.0 Compiler Code Drop   As announced at the Microsoft Research 20th Anniversary event in Cambridge UK, we have updated the F# 2.0 compiler source code drop to include changes related to the web application. The code drop is the…


StatFactory: FCore maths & statistics library, designed for use with F#

Regular readers of my blog will know that from time to time I post pointers to technologies that work with F#, as a service to the F# community. I’ve blogged in the past about other maths and stats libraries that work with F#, and am adding another one today! StatFactory have released FCore, a .NET/native numerical library…


Tonight at F#unctional Londoners: Byron Cook: Proving program termination with F#

Tonight my colleague Byron Cook from MSR Cambridge will be speaking at the F#unctional Londoners meetup group Byron Cook: Proving program termination with F# Wednesday, November 16, 2011, 6:30 PM The Skills Matter eXchange 116-120 Goswell Road,  London (map) In recent years we have seen great progress made in the area of  automatic source-level static analysis…


MonoDevelop User Voice: Vote for Full F# Support

The MonoDevelop team have taken a leaf out of the Visual Studio team’s book and started MonoDevelop User Voice. Here you can vote on MonoDevelop features and discuss them. One of the hot ticket items you might like to vote for right now is Full Support for F# from MonoDevelop. This would presumably build on this great…


Job at MSR Cambridge: Infer.NET

Microsoft Research Cambridge is seeking talented software developers to work on the Infer.NET project ( Infer.NET is a framework for developing and deploying machine learning and inference solutions. It has been developed within the Machine Learning and Perception group, which has an excellent track record of incorporating leading edge research into bestselling products including the…


Progressive F# Tutorials at SkillsMatter, London, Thu-Fri This Week

For those in the UK or Europe, there are a set of F# tutorials at SkillsMatter in London on Thursday and Friday this week (Nov 3-4) Please pass this along to those who need to know.     Thanks Don