The San Francisco Bay Area F# User Group, Jan 11 – Map Reduce, F# and Azure: Using Big Data Techniques to Parse Logs

July 2010 saw the kickoff of the San Francisco Bay Area F# User Group. Previous meetups have included Exploring F# from a C# developer's perspective and Erik Meijer on Fundamentalist Functional Programming.

The next meetup is on January 11, with Noah Gift speaking on a great topic: Map Reduce, F# and Azure: Using Big Data Techniques to Parse Logs

How to Use F# on Azure to do MapReduce Log Analysis

  • Seeing F# in action on a real world problem
  • Doing MapReduce on Azure
  • Cloud computing in action
  • Functional programming paradigms
  • IIS log data mining

Scope: Functional Programming in the Cloud

Technologies discussed: F#, Azure, MapReduce, IIS

The presenter, Noah Gift, is an experienced technical leader and software developer. He solves interesting problems in a variety of languages including Python/Iron Python, Erlang, F#, C#, and Javascript, and is a member of the Python Software Foundation. He is the co-author of Python For Unix and Linux System Administration, and numerous technical articles for IBM Developerworks, O'Reilly, Red Hat Magazine, Mac Tech, and MSDN.

If you'd like to give a 5-10 minute lightning talk on something related to F#, please let Matt know. Consider giving an overview of one part of the language such as active patterns, recursion, continuations, etc.

After 6pm, ask the security guard to let you up to the 7th floor. We'll be in the Sausalito room.

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