Project templates for F# games, libraries and applications on Windows Phone 7 using XNA

 Johann Deneux and Giuseppe Maggiore have been putting together templates for F# games, libraries and applications for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) XNA. This extends Dan Mohl's great work on templates for list, panorama and vanilla applications.

Like all other templates on Visual Studio Gallery, these are ALL available via online templates from Visual Studio 2010 - you don't need to install anything (except the basic tools for phone development). It's this simple this (made nice and big because I'm always surprised how many people don't know how easy this is 🙂 )

"New Project" --> "Online Templates" --> "Search for fsharp"

Here's Joh's description of the latest templates.

Project templates for F# games on Windows Phone 7 (WP7) using XNA

The recent presentation of the Windows Phone 7 platform and its marketplace by Microsoft has attracted a lot of attention. The success of the iPhone and its App store has opened new markets to independent developers.

Both .NET and F# are considered very attractive development platforms, and some have shown interest for a set of project templates allowing the use of F# for developing applications for Windows Phone 7.

Taking advantage of the experience I gained building a project template for F# + XNA for Xbox 360, I have created two new templates for F# + XNA for WP7.

They are now available on the Visual Studio Gallery:

F# + C# Game For Windows Phone (XNA)

F# Library for Windows Phone (XNA)

I must also mention the earlier templates by Dan Mohl, which target WP7 through Silverlight:

F# and C# Win Phone App (Silverlight)

F# and C# Win Phone List App (Silverlight)

F# and C# Win Phone Panorama

I am now considering to work on the following templates:
- PC hosted game
- PC XNA+winforms app
- PC lib (with the script I mentioned in
Interactive Game Development with XNA and FSI)
- Xbox360 hosted game

Please let me know which template you think would be most valuable.

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