F#/Functional job with the Health Sciences team at Microsoft

(From a posting on hubfs)

The health sciences team at Microsoft, in collaboration with Microsoft Research, is looking for a key designer/engineer on our team, responsible for significant architecture investments in a challenging and creative environment. You will be working with very strong architects, engineers and researchers, often working across organizational boundaries and with the developer community.

To be successful on this team, you should possess rock solid design and development skills. You should have a strong track record of shipping secure, high quality software through all phases of the product cycle and have demonstrated successes in cross team partnerships. The ideal candidate will have 6 or more years of experience designing/shipping developer tools, strong functional understanding of F#/Haskell/OCaml, C#, and a good understanding of both Mathematics and Technical Computing. An MS or PhD degree in Computer Science or a related technical field is preferred. While the managers prefer that this person be onsite in Redmond, WA, working remotely is a possibility (with some travel, of course).

Please contact Elif Baydar or apply directly through Microsoft if you'd be interested, Elif's contact details are available through the above link.


Comments (2)

  1. Keith Farmer says:

    It's a great team, and Elif's a great person to work with, if I do say so myself.

  2. Keith Farmer says:

    It's a great team, and Elif's a great person to work with.

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