Some Starter Code Modules for F# for in XNA/XBox Game Development

Joh over at F# in Game Development has been preparing to release Asteroid Hunter 3D, an XNA game for XBox 360. I've not played it myself, but next stage is a review process.

Along the way he's released some utility code and modules that may be useful for people to learn & get started in this space. If you pick up and use his code then I'm sure Joh would love to hear from you via comments on his blog or through the XNA forums  (the code is under the Apache 2.0 license). Other resources you'll need can be found at the XNA Developer Center. You'll also need a working knowledge of C# (since many code samples are in C#), and joining the XNA Creator's Club and hopping on the XNA forums is also a good plan.




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  1. Johann Deneux says:

    I'm "Joh", the author of the blog post you are referring to.

    Thanks a lot for the reference, but I have to warn that developing for the Xbox using F# isn't quite possible at this point, due to incompatibilities between the latest versions of XNA Game Studio and F# I discovered after my announcement.

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