F# Windows Phone 7 (Silverlight) Templates Now On Visual Studio Gallery

Dan Mohl from the F# community has added some F# Windows Phone 7 (Silverlight) templates on Visual Studio Gallery. Screen shot below.




 (Note: A WP7 FSharp.Core.dll has been included as part of these templates. It is also part of the Microsoft F# August 2010 CTP.)


Comments (3)

  1. Dave Baskin says:

    Just curious, but if the Windows Phone 7 implementation of the common libraries doesn't include Tuples, this renders the F# runtime pretty useless, doesn't it?



    Don says: Hi Dave! As with .NET 2.0, the F# runtime for Windows Phone 7 (FSharp.Core.dll) contains all the necessary bit and pieces that are missing from the .NET implementation to make F# work in practice. This includes the definitions for tuple types.This runtime is included in the templates.

    This approach means F# runs well on .NET 2.0, 4.0, SIlverlight 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and WindowsPhone7 (as well a Javascript via WebSharper :-))


  2. Dan Beck says:

    Dan Mohl's post says the templates only work with VS 2010 pro but I assume they are not a necessary prerequisite for developing for WP7 in fsharp.  Comparing with csharp, is fsharp a fully supported development language for WP7 in combination with the free developer tools / the express version of VS2010?



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