Announcing the F# 2.0 Free Tools Update

[ Note: if installing F# for Mono, you must download mono.snk. The location of this file has changed since release, you can now find it at ]

The F# team are very pleased to announce the update of August 2010 release of the F# 2.0 free download MSI and ZIP, for .NET 2.0-4.0, Mono and other CLI Implementations.

This release enables .NET 4.0 development with the MSI and ZIP releases of F# 2.0. This is an important release for the F# community, as it extends the existing availability of free-for-use F# programming tools to .NET 4.0.

In addition, with this release, the MSI installer can now be used to install F# in concert with the freely available Visual Studio 2010 Shell (integrated mode). This extends the existing support for Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 Shell from previous releases.


To use these tools for .NET 4.0 development with Visual Studio 2010 Shell on Windows, you can simply:

Ø  Install Visual Studio 2010 Shell (integrated mode)

Ø  Install the F# 2.0 August 2010 MSI


Other installation options are explained on the F# developer center, for example, the latest F# MSI and ZIP releases can install as a standalone compiler + libraries.

These releases can be used with any CLI implementation, including .NET (Windows) and Mono (Linux/Mac) (some installation notes here). We recommend users of F# on Mono/Linux/Mac update to this release.


NOTE: If you are using F# in Visual Studio 2010 Professional or above, you can ignore this release. The version of F# supported is identical! 

Comments (3)

  1. Dimchansky says:

    Link to "F# developer center" is incorrect (http://www.fsharp.nt/).

  2. Always glad to see a new release of F#!

    A few months ago you had mentioned that Microsoft was considering opensourcing the F# compiler under the MS-PL, I was wondering if there was any traction with that?

  3. Per Larsson says:

    Sorry if this is this is the wrong place for bug reports but I could not find any better  links.

    I've tested the new release with VS2008 on Windows XP (SP3). It works fine on regular projects but there seems to be a problem when opening standalone F# scripts in VS. Intellisense don't work and after a couple of minutes VS crashes with a 'out of memory' exception.

    [  Don says: We're looking into thtis. Could you send a report to fsbugs AT microsoft DOT com? Thanks ]

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