Some F# Project Templates Available Online

One of the things I've been remiss in doing is advertising the existence of some key F# templates for use with Visual Studio.

First, if you have Visual Studio 2010, you can access many of these templates simply by going "New Project --> Online Templates --> ..." and looking for F# templates. You can also peruse and search the fell set of online templates on Visual Studio Gallery, and rate and comment on existing tempaltes. We're looking forward to seeing many 5-star rated F# templates there over time 🙂

Here are some of the F# templates currently on Visual Studio Gallery:

F# templates are also available for F# worker roles in Windows Azure as part of the Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio. You have to create a C# cloud application and add an F# worker role. You can find some older examples of F# worker roles here, or just posrt some C# samples.

In addition, Daniel Mohl has developed 5 fabulous templates, he's working on getting them up on Visual Studio Gallery.

- A F# WPF MVVM Multi-Project  Template

- An F# WPF MVVM Project Template

- A standard F# WCF Template 

- A standard F# ASP.NET MVC 2 Template


- An F# Silverlight MVVM Multi-Project Template

If you have your own templates or projects-that-could-be-turned-into-templates, here are the steps to make and publish a template to the Visual Studio Gallery, making it really easy to access by the whole community:

  1. Download and install the Export Template Wizard
  2. Create a project that looks like the template you want to publish
  3. Select File\Export Template
  4. Upload your template to code gallery here.




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