Two Contract Positions: F# Interactive in Silverlight

We are now seeking applications for two contract positions within MSR to extend the reach of F# programming!

Contract length: 3-6 months
Hiring Group: Microsoft Research, Redmond
Location: Redmond, US or Cambridge UK. Possibility to work remotely.

F# is a cross-platform language executing on any CLI implementation, including those found on Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux, Silverlight, XBox 360 and mobile phones. We are seeking a talented and highly motivated software engineer to make interactive execution of F# programs available in Silverlight. Tasks will include working with the F# compiler team, developing Silverlight hosted components for release to academic users, and helping validate materials used to teach F# across platforms.

The ideal candidates would have a passion for the F# language, strong .NET programming skills, knowledge of web design and programming and experience with compilers. One position will focus on web design with Silverlight, and one on compiler architecture and adjustments needed to host compilation in a variety of environments. The positions are opened in the Advanced Research Tools and Services team of the External Research division of Microsoft Research, Redmond. The candidate may work as part of the F# team in Cambridge UK, and a portion of remote working would also be considered.

Please email Danny Dalal ( with your details.

Aside: If you applied for the Cross-Platform F# contract position at MSR Cambridge advertised in April, please feel free to apply again. The above positions are being offered through MSR Redmond External Research in conjunction with MSR Cambridge.



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