F# PowerPack May 2010 – now for Silverlight

Dmitry Lomov from the F# team has announced the May 2010 version of the F# PowerPack:

Today we release a new version of F# PowerPack - an open-source collection of libraries and tools for use with F# programming language provided by F# team at Microsoft.

Starting from this release, F# PowerPack installation includes PowerPack libraries built for Silverlight 3 and 4.

Other changes in the release are bugfixes.

Download F# PowerPack (May 2010) release from CodePlex.

As usual, the release includes an installer that puts the powerpack components and tools onto the target machine and also register the PowerPack as reference assemblies under .Net framework and Silverlight for easy use from Visual Studio, MSBuild and F# Scripts; and a zip of binary files for use under other CIL-compatible implementations, such as Mono.

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