"Expert F# 2.0" on its way!!

I'm very pleased to announce that Expert F# 2.0 is now heading to the printing presses! Expert F# 2.0 is freshly revised for F# 2.0, released in April 2010. We've also incuded new material on units of measure and Windows Presentation Foundation, and revised some of our explanations and examples. We trust you enjoy the book!

One word of explanation: the title "Programming F#" was used on Amazon and other pre-sellers for a while. Of course, this title is already used another F# author (and a great book it is too!), and our publishers kindly agreed to stick to the original title. If you pre-ordered under the previous title you may want to check the status of that order. 

Here's the description from Apress!

Expert F# 2.0 is about practical programming in a beautiful language that puts the power and elegance of functional programming into the hands of professional developers. In combination with .NET, F# achieves unrivaled levels of programmer productivity and program clarity.

Expert F# 2.0 is a comprehensive reference of F# concepts, syntax, and features and treasury of expert F# techniques for practical, real-world programming.

F# isn't just another functional programming language. It's a general-purpose language ideal for real-world development. F# seamlessly integrates functional, imperative, and object-oriented programming styles so you can flexibly and elegantly solve any programming problem. Whatever your background, you’ll find that F# is easy to learn, fun to use, and extraordinarily powerful. F# will change the way you think about–and go about–programming. Written by F#'s inventor and two major early adopters, Expert F# 2.0 is the authoritative, comprehensive, and in-depth guide to the language and its use. Designed to help others become experts, the first part of the book quickly yet carefully describes the F# language. The second part then shows how to use F# elegantly for a wide variety of practical programming tasks.

The world's foremost experts in F# show you how to program in F# the way they do!

What you'll learn

  • Explore F# and its features quickly and thoroughly in the introductory chapters
  • Use F# with the newest .NET technologies such as WPF, LINQ, and ASP.NET AJAX
  • Build reactive, asynchronous, and distributed applications with F#
  • Interoperate with F# from other .NET languages, especially C#
  • Test, profile, and performance tune F# applications
  • Work with real-life examples and advanced programming features

Who is this book for?

Expert F# 2.0 is for anyone interested in state-of-the art .NET programming. Professional programmers will find it engrossing. F# provides invaluable insight into the future of both C# and VB, which are now adopting some (but far from all) of the functional features of F#. Once programmers learn F#, few feel like returning to either C# or VB. The academic community will find F# the answer to a decades-long prayer: a language suitable for teaching computer science that also excites and empowers students because it can be used not just in the classroom, but also in the real world.

Author Information

Don Syme


Don Syme is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, and the main designer of F#. Since joining Microsoft Research in 1998, he has been a seminal contributor to a wide variety of leading-edge projects, including generics in C# and the .NET Common Language Runtime, F# itself, F# asynchronous programming and Units of Measure in F#. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory in 1999.


Adam Granicz


Adam Granicz is the CEO of IntelliFactory, the leading provider of F# training, development and consulting services, and technologies that enable rapid functional, reactive web development. He has over six years of experience applying F# in commercial projects, and works on WebSharper, IntelliFactory’s web development platform that offers unrivaled productivity, a uniform programming model based on F#, and the fastest way to develop robust, client-based Rich Internet Applications. Adam is an active F# evangelist, a regular author in online F# media and speaker at development conferences and industry partners, and serves on the steering committee of the Commercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP) Workshop, representing the F# segment.


Antonio Cisternino


Antonio Cisternino is assistant professor in the Computer Science Department of the University of Pisa. His primary research is on meta-programming and domain-specific languages on virtual-machine-based execution environments. He has been active in the .NET community since 200. He recently developed VSLab, a Visual Studio add-in designed to add the ability of creating dynamic tool-windows, and he also contributed to the development of Octopus, a scheduler of virtual machines running on Hyper-V. He teaches F# in the Programming Graphical Interfaces course at the University of Pisa. Antonio has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pisa.


Comments (9)

  1. David says:

    Hi Don,

    Thanks for the update. I was wondering if there's plan for an eBook version since the original had one and I prefer to read on screen. If it's not to be expected, than I guess I'll order my hard copy right away.

    Thanks a lot,


  2. Artem says:

    Great news! I already pre-ordered this book on Amazon and it is to be shipped on July, 1st.

  3. Petr says:

    Congratulations! It is great book. I'm reading it in APress' "Alpha" version. Hope to get the 'release' soon.

  4. David says:

    Hey… sorry I just noticed that buy the alpha book does actually what I want 🙂

  5. TechNeilogy says:

    Yay!  I got my printed copy today.  Looks nice and fresh now, but I'm sure it will be dog-eared and rumpled after a few days beside my computer, lol.  Thanks Don, et al.!

  6. Gary says:

    Just bought the book this past week. Looking forward to reading it.

    Where should email be sent for errata?

  7. JornR says:

    All sold out in Sweden – I didn't know F# was so popular here! 🙂

  8. Nitin says:


       I am looking for simple database application WPF/Winforms using F#.

    Thank you

  9. Piotr says:

    I own the original in both, the hard copy and an ebook. Is there a chance for some sort of "early-adopter" discount for the second edition ebook?

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