F# London Meetup Group

Carolyn Miller has just started an F# London Users Group on Meetup, with a good number of initial members! The next meetup is currently planned for April 21 . Enjoy!

[ed: an earlier version of this post mistakenly said Feb 21 ]

F#unctional Londoners is a newly launched meetup group that aims to bring together Londoners with an interest in functional programming with F#.

Topics include:
- Essentials of functional programming and F#
- Assessing what kind of projects F# is well suited for - or not
- Using F# alongside other languages and libraries
- Asynchronous and parallel programming
- Data visualisation
- Scientific programming
- Numerical methods and optimisation

- Financial modelling

Comments (2)

  1. Titab says:

    Just a tiny correction, I believe the next meeting is scheduled for April, 21st.

  2. ankur says:

    Hello Don,

    Just wondering if you would be attending, I am sure everyone of us would love to hear a talk from you at the Meetup.

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