F# Tutorial and Talk Today at TechDays, Paris (Late Announcement!)

There is an F# tutorial and an F# talk today at TechDays, Paris, presented jointly with Adam Granicz and Robert Pickering.

The tutorial is at 13:30-14:30, Feb 9 and will be a light introduction to F#

The talk is at 17:30-18:30, Feb 9, and will include a section from Adam Granicz, the founder of Intellifactory, on WebSharper, the F# framework for rich web development.

Exploring the Simplicity and Power of F# - Parallel and Rich Internet Applications

Abstract: F# is a simple, easy-to-use functional language that's part of Visual Studio 2010. You can use it for all sorts of things, from general purpose .NET scripting to implementing parallel algorithms and modelling financial contracts. This talk will take a high-level tour through some of the uses of F# that will surprise and delight you: from simple CPU and I/O parallelization to LINQ queries and running code on a GPU. We'll look at the magic of F# “expression trees” (quotations), which allow you to run F# code in novel ways, e.g. on a GPU, or as Javascript in a browser. As part of the presentation we'll take a look at Intellifactory's WebSharper platform, an application of these techniques which gives a seamless and simple way to program Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) with F#.

If you're at TechDays, then we look forward to seeing you there!


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  1. Olivier says:

    I was there!

    Thank you for both these talks: though I had already read an played a bit with F#, you gave me the little pinch of motivation I missed in order to really explore your wonderful language.

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