Programming F#, By Chris Smith

Programming F# is out!  (Well, it has been out for a while, but I forgot to blog about it!)

This is an absolutely fantastic introduction to F#, and is one of the primary books I recommend for people learning F# - others are Beginning F#, by Robert Pickering, plus there is so much great online material, and more specialist material that it's hard to list it all here. (There is also Expert F#, by yours truly, though we're still updating that for the finalized releases of F# as it appears in Visual Studio 2010 RTM and the CTP for Visual Studio 2008). One thing I particularly like about the book is that it focuses very much on "F# as it is", plain and simple.

Anyway, congratulations to Chris, and many thanks to OReilly and Chris for sorting out such a nice cover! 

Programming F# Front Cover


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