The San Francisco Bay Area F# User Group, Jan 11 – Map Reduce, F# and Azure: Using Big Data Techniques to Parse Logs

July 2010 saw the kickoff of the San Francisco Bay Area F# User Group. Previous meetups have included Exploring F# from a C# developer’s perspective and Erik Meijer on Fundamentalist Functional Programming. The next meetup is on January 11, with Noah Gift speaking on a great topic: Map Reduce, F# and Azure: Using Big Data…

"How to keep up-to-date with the F# community?" on StackExchange

StackExchange has a useful thread on how to keep up-to-date with the F# community, some snippets from the answers below Richard Minerich’s blog is good: Every week he publishes a very comprehensive “F# Discoveries This Week” post. The forums at have been active since the early days of F#, although IMO there’s enough…


Project templates for F# games, libraries and applications on Windows Phone 7 using XNA

 Johann Deneux and Giuseppe Maggiore have been putting together templates for F# games, libraries and applications for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) XNA. This extends Dan Mohl’s great work on templates for list, panorama and vanilla applications. Like all other templates on Visual Studio Gallery, these are ALL available via online templates from Visual Studio 2010…

MonoDevelop plugin for F# now available

The recent open code drop of the F# compiler and library source has led to quite a lot of activity. One of the things has been the emergence of a MonoDevelop plugin for F#, MonoDevelop is a cross-platform and open-source Integrated Development Environment. …This web page describes an open-source project that implements MonoDevelop support for…

Interested in F# in the Washington DC area?

I’ve had some contacts from interested F# users in DC about the possibility of setting up a user group in the area. If you’re interested and would like to be put in touch, please drop me an email or comment-reply and I’ll pass your contact details along. Cheers! Don  


"Entire Websites as First-class F# Values" – Online Tonight, 11am PST

“Entire Websites as First-class F# Values” – Now that’s a catch phrase I like! Adam Granicz is giving a talk on WebSharper sitelets tonight (Dec 21, 11am PST) at the online Community for F#, here is the abstract:   Adam Granicz: Introducing WebSharper Sitelets Abstract: WebSharper sitelets provide the essential mechanism to encapsulate entire websites as…

F#/Functional job with the Health Sciences team at Microsoft

(From a posting on hubfs) The health sciences team at Microsoft, in collaboration with Microsoft Research, is looking for a key designer/engineer on our team, responsible for significant architecture investments in a challenging and creative environment. You will be working with very strong architects, engineers and researchers, often working across organizational boundaries and with the developer…


F# at Kiev ALT.NET, December 23th

  Following from my last blog post about a Russian form on hubfs, here’s an announcement from Ukraine: The December meeting of Kiev ALT.NET will be held on the 23th December at 18:15.   At this session we will be talk about F# – new modern and powerfull functional language from Microsoft.   We invite all interested….

Добро пожаловать на русский раздел hubFS (There’s now a Russian forum for F# on hubfs)

Итак на теперь есть русскоязычный раздел.   Спасибо Дону Сайму, за проявленный интерес к развитию русскоязычного комьюнити F#.   Теперь можно задавать вопрос, на него ответить, поделиться новостью, мыслью, идеей по F# на русском языке. Надеюсь что создание этого раздела даст еще один толчок для популяризации языка, а также поможет русскоязычным пользователям в изучении такого…


August, 2000

I recall reading this on an email list in August 2000 and being struck by it. Now certainly a piece of history… Don