Latest Release of WebSharper is out

Adam Granicz dropped me a note today to say the latest release of WebSharper is out… Enjoy!—with-dependent-formlets-flowlets-third-party-extensions-and-more!.article We are happy to announce the availability of WebSharper 0.4.62 – the latest version of the WebSharper Platform that aims to equip professional F# developers with the right platform to rapidly develop rich, scalable, client-based web applications….


Unleash those transistors! General Purpose GPU and x64 Data Parallel Multicore Programming with Accelerator from F#

One of my colleagues at MSR Cambridge, Satnam Singh, has written his very first blog entry, and what a beauty it is!  Data parallel multicore programming from F# targeting both CPU and GPU – what joy! Microsoft recently released a preview of the Accelerator V2 GPU and x64 multicore programming system on Microsoft Connect. This system provides a…


Compiling F# code for the XBox 360

Joh has a nice blog describing the basics of compiling F# code for the XBox 360, including the magic command line to use to reference both the right copy of the F# core library and the right XNA DLLs. This is using the F# October 2009 CTP This article describes how to build an XNA…


WebSharper: F#-based Rich Client/Server Web Applications

My co-author on Expert F#, Adam Granicz, has been leading Intellifactory to develop the F#-based WebSharper platform for developing client-server applications that execute as Javascript in the browser and as compiled .NET code on the server.  Intellifactory seem to have set about answering the question of “just how simple, clean and productive can you make developing rich web applications that target Javascript?”…