F# related job at Future Social Experiences (FUSE) Lab UK

Are you interested in using probabilistic techniques to analyze online data and build new social experiences around it? The FUSE group located at Microsoft Research in Cambridge is hiring. The group use F# a lot and have applied it successfully on many projects.



The Future Social Experiences (FUSE) Lab UK team is a newly founded group co-located with Microsoft Research Cambridge. It will focus on new social experiences in Microsoft’s Online Services through computational intelligence technologies and through exploitation, combination and analysis of available data sources within and outside of Microsoft. In addition, the team’s charter is to bridge between Microsoft Research Cambridge, FUSE Labs, and Microsoft’s Online Services teams, including teams in Search, Ads & Portal in the Online Services Division (“Information Seekers”), teams in Office & SharePoint in Microsoft Business Division (“Information Workers”) and teams in Xbox Live and Window Mobile in the Entertainment and Devices Division (“Gamers and Mobile Workers”).


We are looking for mathematically astute, online-savvy applied researchers and developers. Necessary skills for this position include:

Ø  Fit within an applied and basic research lab

Ø  Development experience in various programming languages, including C++, C#, Python, SQL, F# and JavaScript

Ø  Familiarity with Windows design tools and frameworks

Ø  Development knowledge and experience of cloud applications and web services

Ø  Ability to build throw-away/rapid prototypes

The successful candidate will be working in a small, dynamic and fun team reporting directly to the director of FUSE Labs UK.


If you are interested or require further information, please contact Ruth Lenton at cambhr@microsoft.com.

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  1. mario says:

    Generally speaking,

    Until now it’s very hard to understand how to prove F# competences because all the knowledge is free but there is no certification or means to assess them… What about an online test or open certification to prove and improve F# competences to standard levels?


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