F# 1.9.7 Language Specification Now Available

The F# 1.9.7 Language Specification is now available, in PDF and HTML, matching the recent release of F# in Visual Studio 2010 Beta2, with matching CTP udpate for Mono and Visual Studio 2008. The latest language specification can also always be found via www.fsharp.net

Many thanks to all those who sent so much helpful feedback on the specification during Beta1. And for those using 1.9.7 already, thanks for your patience in the last couple of weeks - it took us a little longer to get this out the door than we had planned, since a development deadline for Visual Studio 2010 intervened.

We plan on making a second update to the 1.9.7 spec to polish some areas of the text in the next few weeks.





Comments (2)
  1. Hello Don,

    Many thanks for update.

    PS: I have one proposal about naming of specs file. What about change name from specs.pdf to some like this one fsharp-specs-1.9.7.pdf? This is will be more suitable for search and identity of file.

  2. Vyacheslav Lanovets says:

    Nowadays I read such kind of documents on a 12cm wide E-Ink screen and after increasing font size and widening margins in Word some of code examples don’t fit.

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