Soma on F# in Visual Studio 2010

Soma has a nice blog post on F# in Visual Studio 2010

With Visual Studio, we strive to give your organization the tools to tackle a broad range of software problems with the interoperability and efficiency that you need and have come to expect from software based on the .NET Framework.


As part of this, Visual Studio 2010 marks the first release to directly support functional programming through the F# programming language.


F# is a highly productive .NET programming language combining functional programming and object-oriented programming, and is ideally suited for parallel, algorithmic, technical and explorative development.  F# is the result of a close partnership between Microsoft Research and the Visual Studio team, and since announcing F# in Visual Studio 2010 we’ve seen a surge of interest and uptake in the language. We’ve also worked closely with the F# community and major adopters to ensure it meets the needs of professional software developers working in these domains.

Soma is a Senior Vice President at Microsoft in the Developer Division. Full post here.

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