Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Support in the F# Power Pack

In this post I thought I would give some simple, up-to-date examples of writing queries using the F# Power Pack and executing them via LINQ. The techniques described here also apply to querying any obejcts that support the IQueryable interface.   My aim here is not to give a complete guide to “doing everything you can…


New Book Out: F# for Technical Computing

Jon Harrop has a new book out, called F# for Techncial Computing. To quote: Read this full-color book to learn how Microsoft’s new F# programming language can be used as a next-generation platform for high-performance interactive technical computing. Topics covered include the latest version of the F# language, parallel programming with the Task Parallel Library,…


dnAnalytics + Iridium –> Math.NET Numerics

I notice that two good open source .NET math projects, dnAnalytics and Iridium, are in the process of merging into one combined project, called Math.NET Numerics. Great to see some consolidation and alignment here. If you’re interested in open source math on .NET, this looks like a good opportunity to get involved. There is good F#…


Some Smaller Features in the Latest Release of F#

Brian has blogged about some of the smaller features in the latest release of F# which weren’t explicitly called out in the detailed release notes. Error and warning messages have unique numbers (in particular replacing the ubiquitous “FS0191”) Some common error diagnostics have been improved VS2010 Beta2 has more item tempaltes I’ll add a few here as…


F# in Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 is now available ( plus matching F# CTP Update for VS2008)

The latest release of F# is now out! This is included in Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 , released today for MSDN Subscribers, with the matching release of the F# CTP for Visual Studio 2008, and a compiler ZIP for Mono. The detailed release notes are here. (Note: general download availability of Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 will begin in…


Release Notes for the F# October 2009 release

  (These notes apply to the F# October 2009 CTP update and Visual Studio 2010 Beta2)   Summary Release F# in Visual Studio2010 Beta2 can build applications for .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0 and Silverlight 2/3.  Updated F# CTP for Visual Studio 2008 F# PowerPack available as part of the CTP Update, and can be used with either…


Soma on F# in Visual Studio 2010

Soma has a nice blog post on F# in Visual Studio 2010 With Visual Studio, we strive to give your organization the tools to tackle a broad range of software problems with the interoperability and efficiency that you need and have come to expect from software based on the .NET Framework.   As part of this,…


Downloading F# Tutorial Code and Slides (JAOO 2009 Edition)

I’ve had a few reports of people having issues downloading the F# tutorial code and slides from my last post. I just tried myself and it worked OK – I got a zip as expected. Please email me (dsyme at microsoft dot com) or leave a comment if you’re still having problems after a few retries. Thanks don


F# Tutorial Code and Slides

[ The attached tutorial code has now been updated for the F# Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 release (with matching CTP update for Visual Studio 2008) ]  One of the great pleasures of my job is to go to conferences like JAOO and present on F# and other topics. This year I presented both a tutorial…