F# Job: Credit Suisse GMAG seek Trader Tools Project Lead

Over the last few years the F# team at Microsoft have been very glad to work with the Credit Suisse GMAG group . GMAG (Global Modelling and Analytics)are successful adopters of F#, as they reported on at CUFP 2008. This continues strongly and the group continue to provide essential feedback on the design and implementation of the F# language and its related Visual Studio tools. 

The group is now looking for an outstanding project lead for a new initiative where they expect F# to play a significant role. A snippet of the job description is below, contact Howard Mansell (howard.mansell@credit-suisse.com) for more details.

THE POSITION: Trader Tools Project Lead (London)

One of the core activities of GMAG is to deliver tools to sales & trading that allow them to analyse markets and portfolios, and price trades.  We employ a number of technologies and frameworks, developed in GMAG-AD, for this purpose.  Our trader tools are currently deployed with an Excel front-end, with some amount of calculation implemented in Excel.  We intend to transition the delivery of these tools to a non-Excel environment.  We are looking for an outstanding individual to lead this effort.


Key requirements for the role are:

·         Experience of leading teams of highly-skilled technical specialists, and a demonstrated ability to deliver outstanding solutions to difficult problems.

·         Very strong understanding of commercial software development processes and distributed team development of complex code bases.

·         Ability to communicate well and understand the requirements of modellers and traders.

·         Expert-level hands-on knowledge of the Microsoft .NET framework.

·         Knowledge of functional and object-oriented programming paradigms.

·         Ideally the candidate will have experience with F#, WPF, COM, C++, C# and web development.

·         Experience in the finance sector is highly desirable but not essential.


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