Talks I’m Giving This Week: Göteborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen

I’ve a busy week ahead!


Tuesday (tomorrow!), 10am: Informal talk at Chalmers University, Göteborg: F# in Visual Studio 2010, courtesy of John Hughes


Tuesday (tomorrow!), 1pm: SDC 2009, Scandinavian Developers Conference, Göteborg: Functional and Parallel Programming with F#


Wednesday, 12noon-2pm: Aarhus University: Why is Microsoft Investing in Functional Programming? And A Look at Some Technical Aspects of F#


Thursday, 10am: Copenhagen University: likewise


Thursday, 3pm-5pm: Microsoft Copenhagen Development Center: open talk on F# for Developers


The last will be recorded!


If you’re in the area and can make it to a talk, then do introduce yourself. Hope to see you there!


Kind regards


Comments (8)

  1. Piotr says:

    Is there a chance that at least slides to all those talks are going to be published?

    That would be a small reconciliation for all those of us who can be there in person.

  2. honu says:

    Must be Spring …

    Very much like to be there, alas, even with low air fares, won’t make it.

    But yes slides at least?

    Is it safe to try F# with VS 2010 beta yet?

  3. Mikael says:

    Saw your presentation in Göteborg today and must say that you did an awesome job selling F#!! I’m forever stuck on FP.

  4. Torbjörn Gyllebring says:

    Lovely job with the SDC talk Don, selling, succint and fun quite much like F# 🙂

    Oh, and Ola never came around to bashing static typing in his talk due to time constraints so you’re on up on that one. Regarding the tailcall debacle is that a language or a CLR implementation issue? Im quite sure F# does emit the tailcall instruction as needed (an option not available on the JVM) but I haven’t dug into if the runtime engine actually manages to do something constructive with it, could you enlightenus?

  5. Martin Jul says:

    Thanks for the great talk at MS in Vedbæk. It is nice to see FP making its way into the mainstream.

    As for my question on the compiler being open here is I would like to do:

    1) To have the compiler front-end available as an API so that I can use it to parse F# source code into an AST that I can manipulate.

    2) To have the compiler back-end available via an API so I can compile the transformed AST.

    3) Ideally it would be stronger than the CodeDom so that it can also be used for eg. building refactoring tools via source -> AST -> source transformations.

  6. martinesmann says:

    The open talk at Microsoft Copenhagen Development Center, was recorded and is now available on channel9, here:

  7. Robert says:

    For those of you that are like me, and couldn’t see the presentation in person, here is the link to the Channel 9 video:

    Nice work Don! VS 2010 is going to be very impressive.

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