Specify your C# and F# code using NaturalSpec, from the Dynamics NAV team

Some members of the Dynamics NAV team have announced NaturalSpec, a DSL/language/tool/methodology you can use to specify and test .NET code, e.g. code written in C# or F#. The tool is implemented in F#, and looks like a great addition to the .NET ecosystem.

The idea of NaturalSpec is to give domain experts the possibility to express their scenarios directly in compilable Unit Test scenarios by using a Domain-specific language (DSL) for Unit Tests. NaturalSpec is completely written in F# – but you don’t have to learn F# to use it. You don’t even have to learn programming at all.


Of course you can use NaturalSpec to specify C# objects. I see my post "Using NaturalSpec to create a spec for C# projects" for a small sample.

You can download NaturalSpec at GoogleCode and follow the “Getting started” tutorial in order to write your first automatically testable spec.

I am very interested in your feedback. Do you like the syntax? What should I change? Do you consider using a spec tool like NaturalSpec?


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