What does this C# code look like in F#? (part one: expressions and statements)

A great blog from Brian McNamara on What does this C# code look like in F#?  

...when you are new to a language (F#), it is sometimes useful to know how to transliterate from a well-known language (C#) for those cases where you just don't know the idioms yet, but don't want that to prevent you from making progress. So today's blog entry takes the general form of "here's some C# code, how do I write the same thing in F#". It is intended to be used as a reference or as casual reading to discover some little-used or lesser-known F# syntax/operators/functions. Don't use this blog post as a way to learn the language, instead use the many useful F# tutorials and samples on the web (start here), and just use this blog post to "fill in the gaps" if needed.

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