Some Recent F# Articles and Blogs

Lots of F#-related articles and blogs coming out at the moment. Here are a few that have caught my eye


·         Brian McNamara does Texas Hold 'Em hand evaluation in F# (part 1, part2, part3, part4)


·         Kean Walmsley distributes his Autodesk University (SU) handouts on F#. AU Handouts: AutoCAD® .NET - Developing for AutoCAD® Using F# - Part 1, Part 2


·         John Whittington of Coherent PDF writes about using JetBrains dotTrace to profile F# code (more on JetBrains dotTrace)


·         An encryption algorithm: the Solitaire encryption algorithm, by Sergi Mansilla


·         Stephan Tolksdorf announces version 0.7.2 of FParsec, a highly regarded parser combinator library for F#


·         Matt Podwysocki on some OO programming techniques in F#

o   Part 1 - Extension Everything

o   Part 2 - More Extension Everything

o   Part 3 - Creating Classes

o   Part 4 – Object Encapsulation with Object Expressions


·         Luis Diego Fallas on Using the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) from F#.


·         Jamie Cansdale on supporting F# as part of TestDriven.NET


·         The Dynamics NAV guys have a great blog entries from the series Rash thoughts about .NET, C#, F# and Dynamics NAV. For example.

o    The distance of two cities on the surface of the earth in F#

o   Calculate the intersection point of two lines in F# (2 dimensions)


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