Coherent PDF announces Beta of .NET SDK for their PDF Command Line Toolkit, written in F#


John Whitington of Coherent PDF recently announced the availability of a .NET SDK version of their PDF Command Line Toolokit, written in 20,000 lines of cross-compiling OCaml/F#. Here’s an excerpt of what he had to say on the F# list:

Thanks for all your help with this project thus far. We’re almost ready to release the .NET SDK version of our PDF Command Line Toolkit, and are looking for feedback….

Here’s the .msi which installs a demo version of the SDK:

Installation is covered in Chapter One of the manual, and is simple.

I’m particularly interested in feedback from existing .NET developers, so do take a look, and you can contact us with your suggestions and criticisms either on this list, or by email.


Comments (1)

  1. Sam Stokes says:

    This is an interesting project that is quite different than I would imagine using F#.  This is a very "main stream" kind of application, unlike most of the F# examples which tend to be engineering or scientific in nature, this one would be something that a law office or accounting office might use.

    Great work!

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