F# addin for MonoDevelop

Wildart has been working on an F# addin for MonoDevelop for use on all platforms where Mono runs. To quote

I just finished draft version of F# Addin for Monodevelop. This addin provides support of F# compiler in Monodevelop IDE. You could find new version of Monodevelop in Mono 2.0 Preview. Take a look!

The project site is here. Wildart has also been working on a NAnt task extension for the F# compiler .


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  1. My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio. Busy week this week so this is a quick all at once version. Greg Duncan posted a link to release announcement for XamlPadX 4.0 . Sasha

  2. usharma says:

    Has anybody been able to get the FSharpBinding to work with a release version of Monodevelop 2.0? I gave up and currently use fsi and fscp from the command line, and emacs w/ F# syntax coloring as my editor on osx.

  3. Daniel says:

    I am trying to use F# on Mac, have installed the compiler and F# interactive works fine. Compiling scripts (written in Emacs) seems to work, however when I try executing the generated .exe, I get "cannot execute binary file"… Any help much appreciated.

  4. BillDoublewide says:

    When you tried to execute the .exe, did you use the command 'mono' in front of it?  The .exe is designed to run in the runtime, and 'mono' invokes it.

    > mono myfsharp.exe

    assumes that you have mono binary somewhere like:

    /usr/bin/mono@ -> /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Commands/mono

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