FSCheck 0.2

Kurt Schelfthout has jsut updated FSCheck, an F# version of QuickCheck.

Here's how Kurt described FSCheck in his v0.1 announcement:

FsCheck is a tool for testing F# programs automatically. The programmer provides a specification of the program, in the form of properties which functions should satisfy, and FsCheck then tests that the properties hold in a large number of randomly generated cases. Specifications are expressed in F#, using combinators defined in the FsCheck library. FsCheck provides combinators to define properties, observe the distribution of test data, and define test data generators.

FsCheck is currently best used to test the functions in your F# programs. I may be experimenting in the future with using it to test classes and methods, in combination with existing .NET unit testing frameworks. The generator combinators can be used already in any testing framework to easily generate a number of random values for many types. Mostly these are F# specific at this point (tuples, option values, function values), but that should be easy to remedy.

A Simple Example

A simple example of a property definition is

let prop_RevRev (xs:list<int>) = List.rev (List.rev xs) = xs  |> propl

This property asserts that the reverse of the reverse of a list of integers is the list itself. (the propl function comes with FsCheck and is explained shortly) To check the property, we load this definition in F# interactive and then invoke

> qcheck (Gen.List(Gen.Int)) prop_RevRev;;
Ok, passed 100 tests.
val it : unit = ()

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