Help with study of functional programmers

Are you currently developing or maintaining a medium to large-sized program written in a functional language, such as Haskell, F#, OCaml, or Lisp?  Chris Bogart is a PhD student doing a study of functional programmers, as part of a research internship at Microsoft, and would like the opportunity to look over your shoulder while you do debugging or coding on your project. Here’s what he says:

I’m looking for people with at least a year’s experience doing functional programming, and who are currently working on a real project (i.e. for some purpose other than learning functional programming).  I’m only allowed to use people who can work in the US (because of the gratuity, which is taxable income). I’d simply come watch you work, and ask a few questions along the way. You’d do whatever you would normally be doing.  If you’re near Seattle or Portland, I’d come to your office for a couple of hours.  If you’re not near Seattle or Portland, then we’d set you up with LiveMeeting or some other remote screencast software so I can watch you from here.

Obviously security concerns are an issue – I will not share any proprietary information that I learn about while visiting you.

In exchange for your help, Microsoft will offer you your pick of free software off its gratuity list (which has about 50 items, including Visual Studio Professional, Word for Mac, XBOX 360 games) or any book from MS Press.

We’re doing this because expert functional programmers have not been studied much.  We plan to share our findings through academic publications, to help tool developers create debugging tools that are genuinely helpful in real-world settings.

I’m hoping to finish my observations by August 8th, so please contact me immediately if you’re interested!

Thank you,

Chris Bogart

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