Some F# Jobs

After a post on Planet F#, I looked around for 5 minutes and here are a few high-paying jobs where F# skills are a "major plus"




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  1. OCaml China says:

    Don Syme 最近发了一篇 Blog: F# Jobs,罗列了一些 F# 的招聘启事。然而,如果你点开看了就会发现,这些招聘启事仅仅是提到了 F# 而已,往往也只是说 F# 是个 big plus,主要的技能要求还是 C# 或者 C++ 等等。 我经常在 Babel 版转发 FP 和少数其他 PAPL 的招聘启事,一个很重要的原则就是,所提到的这种语言必须是最被强调的语言方面的技能、或者如果不是最被强调的,那么也应该和最被强调的语言的强调比重处于一个级别,或是至少应该被多次提到,只是附带着不疼不痒

  2. Sam Stokes says:

    Don, I wonder if that Hedge fund job is still high paying with the meltdown in the financial markets.

    It is interesting though that F# would, of course, be an excellent tool to use to simulate the how the "credit default swaps" failed.  Always nice to close the barn door after the horses run away.  Connection with the LaPack could utilize some very interesting and well researched tools.

    Great blog!

  3. Speaking of F# jobs... says:

    Hi Everyone…

    The health sciences team at MS, in collaboration with MS research, is looking for a key designer/engineer on our team, responsible for significant architecture investments in a challenging and creative environment. You will be working with very strong architects, engineers and researchers, often working across organizational boundaries and with the developer community.

    To be successful on this team, you should possess rock solid design and development skills. You should have a strong track record of shipping secure, high quality software through all phases of the product cycle and have demonstrated successes in cross team partnerships. The ideal candidate will have 6 or more years of experience designing/shipping developer tools, strong functional understanding of F#/Haskell/OCaml, C#, and a good understanding of both Mathematics and Technical Computing. A MS or PhD degree in Computer Science or a related technical field is preferred.

    Please ping me if you'd be interested… I was referred to this site by a functional programmer I know who said that this was a place that all the functional programmers hung out. While the managers prefer that this person be onsite in Redmond, WA, working remotely is a possibility (with some travel, of course).


    Elif Baydar

    Idea Entity Corporation

    425-454-2905 (office)

    425-999-5669 (cell)

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