The FParsec library by Stephan Tolksdorf

Stephan Tolksdorf has been a regular F# user of late and has provided us with much excellent feedback, including bug reports and design suggestions.

Stephan has just announced version 0.4 of FParsec, an F# adaptation of Parsec, the popular parser combinator library for Haskell by Microsoft Research's very own Daan Leijen. Stephan describes it in this way:

[ FParsec ] can parse context-sensitive, infinite look-ahead grammars, has complete support for unicode input and large files (> 4 GB) and produces excellent error messages. Design and implementation have been optimized for speed and should provide sufficient performance even for demanding applications. FParsec is distributed under a permissive open source license (BSD-style).

Great work, Stephan, and thanks for all the feedback on F#. 

Note: FParsec requires version F# version  A regression in version exposed by the library is currently being fixed.

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