F# 1.9.3 Candidate Release Now Available!

[ Update: The release candidate has been updated to F# The additional changes are documented with the release notes below ]

I'm very glad to say that an updated release candidate for  F# 1.9.3 is now available (MSI, ZIP). This is F# Here are the full release notes for This is primarily a stabilization release, with some new language and library work.  Thanks to James, Ralf, Jomo and Luke for helping us put this together.

[ Note: One known installation bug remains in F# It is a particularly strange bug where FSI.EXE does not appear correctly on startup when used from Visual Studio under some configurations of Windows Vista. FSI.EXE can still be used from the command line. ] 

[ Note: This release renames fslib.dll and mllib.dll to FSharp.Core.dll and FSharp.Compatibility.dll, a change we've been meaning to make for some time. ]

if you're looking for F# then the MSI and ZIP are still available

Language Additions:

  • Multiple Custom Value Syntax

  • Access Controls

  •  DefaultValue static fields

  • Constructed classes may now be mutually recursive with other types

Library Changes:

·         Rename fslib.dll and mllib.dll to FSharp.Core.dll and FSharp.Compatibility.dll

·         Improved Library Documentation (thanks to Ralf Herbrich)

·         Add Async.Parallel2, Async.Parallel3, WebRequest.GetResponseAsync

Language Cleanup

·         As part of the productization of F# we’re looking at doing a “spring clean” of some of the things we’ve got in the language that we may not want to support in the productized version. As a first step, we’ve added warnings and deprecations to some language constructs. See the full release notes for details.

Performance Improvements

·         Some performance improvements to "for .. when ..." sequence expressions.

Bug Fixes

·         Quite a number of bug fixes – see the full release notes



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  1. I think the link to the full release notes may be broken. When I click on it, I am asked to log into blogs.msdn.com

  2. Jack P says:

    I get a login screen when I try to access the "full release notes" link. Maybe it would be better to post the release notes inline so non MSDN members could read them.

  3. dsyme says:

    The links to the full release notes have now been fixed – thanks!

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  5. Ok so from my point of view this is an awesome F# update, why? because unlike 1.9.2 where you had to

  6. [ Update: F# 1.9.3 has been posted, and we don’t expect any more 1.9.2 releases. ] [ Update: the F# samples

  7. Gabe says:

    The download is completely broken for me.  I’ve tried 6 times, each time getting an error after about 60% completed.

  8. The book Expert F# is now available from book sellers! It’s been shipping for a while, but there were

  9. The book Expert F# is now available from book sellers! It's been shipping for a while, but there

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  11. GrayRecord says:

    Microsoft Research から F# の が出てい…

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