F# at TechEd Developer: Tomas and Luke at Ask the Experts

Yesterday I mentioned that F# is making an appearance at TechEd Developer this week.

As part of this you have the chance to meet the one and only Tomáš Petříček who is helping out on the Visual Studio Ask the Experts booth for the week along with Luke Hoban and myself. Tomas is one of the most prolific F# community members and has recently put together a series of four introductory articles on F# programming. Tomas is also on his way to become a first rate language researcher, having broken new ground in client/server programming with his FsWebTools project over the summer, which he completed as part of his degree at Charles University in Prague.

Tomas has put together some great new F# demos for the occasion, so if you're at TechEd Developer and you'd like to delve deeper into F# make sure you drop by.

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