Software Development Engineer in Test: Position on the F# Team

The F# team is hiring! This position is for a QA engineer on the F# team. From the Microsoft website:

We are looking for an experienced Software Design Engineer in Test to work on testing the F# language and compiler. Opportunities include working with some of the brightest minds in the community on the latest .NET technologies, being involved in the evolution of the F# language, and developing test strategies for the F# compiler. Primary responsibilities include providing technical leadership to the team as well as designing, developing, and maintaining fully automated test suites. You will use your creativity to create test tools that will help us produce a higher quality product more efficiently. Most work will be in F# or C# with a strong focus on tool development.

Qualifications include strong communication and problem solving skills, an eye for good software design, ability to independently drive projects and work collaboratively across team boundaries. Technically you must have strong programming skills with at least 3 years of experience with C#, C/C++, or Java, as well as experience with functional languages (F#/Haskell/OCaml/Erlang). A deep understanding of C#, F#, the .NET Framework and runtime (MSIL, JIT, metadata, reflection, GC, PInvoke, etc.) is a plus. A bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline is preferred.

This position is likely to be in Redmond, though a willingness to spend time in Cambridge, UK is also a plus.


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