S. Somasegar on taking F# forward

Today is an exciting day for the F# team. The Corporate VP for the Microsoft Developer Division, S. Somasegar, has announced the formation of a team to take F# forward. This will be a partnership with the current F# team at Microsoft Research. This is a huge step for us and we believe a great step forward for programming more generally.

As part of this, I'm very pleased to welcome Jomo Fisher and Luke Hoban to the F# team, joining James Margetson and myself. Jomo and Luke have years of experience in compiler implementation and language delivery. They are also a real pleasure to work with and we're looking forward to the years ahead.

Looking ahead, we'll be initially focused on putting the finishing touches on "V1" of the language design, improving the compiler, tools and Visual Studio project system, completing the language specification and augmenting F# with the libraries and tools needed to make it truly powerful in application areas particularly suited to functional programming.

Many thanks to all those in the F# community who have helped bring the language to this point. This marks the "end of the beginning" for F#, and we're looking forward to the times ahead!


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  1. OCaml China says:

    微软Developer Division部负责人 Somasegar 在自己的blog上发布了一条关于 F# 产品化的 消息,不久Jomo Fisher的另一篇blog披露了更多的 内容,而 F# 的设计者与发起人Don Syme也发文 确认 了这个消息。

  2. Stephan says:


    Congratulations on having reached the "end of the beginning"! I’ve long been hoping for Microsoft to take steps towards making F# a first class member of its programming language product family. This is exciting news indeed.

    I also can’t wait to see the next version of the compiler, it’s been almost 3 month now since the last version… 😉

  3. Congratulations Don! I’m sure this will only result in greater things for F# and functional programming in general.

  4. Pinku Surana says:

    You guys have had a stunning impact on .NET. C# 3.5 is almost tolerable, but I’m jumping to F# now that it’s an official product.

  5. snk_kid says:

    This is excellent news, looks like someone must have read my thread in hubFS and answered my prays ^_^. Congratulations, keep up the great work.

  6. That’s great news, congratulations!

  7. Bruno says:

    F# has been my favorite language for over a year now.  It’s great to see it evolve from "research language" to "official .NET language".  Congrats!!

  8. Ben says:


    I have experimented with F# off and on and it seems to have a lot of potential.

    Going forward and moving out of research, I really hope that F# will be standardized (at least ECMA, ideally ISO) like C#. I think that will make a big difference for many who are interested in working with the language.

  9. David Thompson says:

    One more voice saying congrats. Thank you too!

  10. honu says:

    Congrats for sure.

    I hope the ‘F’ in F# becomes know as a lot of Fun; that the development path is not too much $QL and boring financial/accounting sw, but keeps the XNA path going, and RIA.

  11. The best .NET language! 😉


  12. Darth Bundy says:

    Some interesting news emerging from the Visual Studio and F# team appears that language appears to moving

  13. Daniel Bentsur says:


    Congratulations! I’ll raise a glass to your success.

    I’ve been floored by the elegance of F# and the transparency with which it represents complex ideas. I didn’t dare wish for it to become a fully supported dotnet language – but Santa seems to have come early this year.

    F# is the first true delivery on the promise of dotnet’s language independence and I look forward to it becoming more deeply integrated into my workflow.

  14. Congrats – Been mainly observing F# from a distance (actually got the Foundation’s book a few days ago). Any hints on which project templates you’ll be looking to provide? (ASP.NET, Web Services, etc…)

  15. orcmid says:

    Yes, congratulations for sure.  Feeling the pressure yet?  [;<).

    I mean it, congratulations.

  16. I just saw the announcement on Don and Soma’s blogs about the fact that a product team has officially

  17. F# bude ve Visual Studiu Možná jste v posledních pár dnech zaznamenali, že se na internetu hodně píše

  18. F# bude ve Visual Studiu Možná jste v posledních pár dnech zaznamenali, že se na internetu hodně píše

  19. lb says:

    Excellent stuff. I think F# has long proved its kudos as a true language, not just a ‘research project’.

    I worry for you all, though… i picture some dilbertesque manager saying "m’kay, let’s make F# ganer wider appeal amongst the morts…" but.. i quell these voices and say "best of luck to F#!"

    Long live Fortran.net! (ah, my favourite old F# joke)


  20. Congrats, it’s well deserved and a great step forward.

  21. Alberto Fabiano says:

    Really this is a amazing stuff and one great news!

    I also observing F# from some distance, have tested and enjoyed much…


  22. Don,

    Your baby is no longer a baby.

    Congratulations to you and your team.


  23. Congratulations.  This is a great "first" step into a larger future.


  24. Over on his blog, Don Syme has a post about F# and Parallel Extensions : "Over the coming year I expect

  25. Over on his blog, Don Syme has a post about F# and Parallel Extensions : &quot;Over the coming year I

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  27. Is there a F# Visual Studio team blog or anything? I'm interested to keep up with F# IDE support as it happens (not Visual Studio in general)  Thanks,

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