Game of Life in Silverlight and F#


Robert Pickering (the author of Foundations of F#) has just posted on a blog entry on the Game of Life in Silverlight and F#. Very nice work Robert! You can run it here.

What amazes me about this is that it "all just works".  Here we have a functional language, with a fully fledged client-side execution and graphics engine, and the F# team haven't done anything Silverlight-specific for this to work. ,NET really is incredible.


Comments (3)

  1. Neil Stoker says:

    Yes it is cool…. although, there was I expecting to play the boardgame where the highest paid job was the journalist and you ended in Millionaire’s Mansion! 😉

  2. lb says:

    i have this kind of psychological weakness where conway’s game of life just draws me in and i get stuck just tinkering with it for hours… am trying… very hard… to resist…

  3. I will demonstrate some of the F# Web Tools features using an "Ajax" dictionary applicationwhich displays possible matching words as you type the word you want to find. This is one of the typical "Ajax" tasks, so it’s a good example to start with.

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