Dell announces a Latitude Tablet PC

OK, this one isn't about F# 🙂

Normally I don't write about hardware, but I'm very glad to see that Dell have announced a Tablet PC. Now, normally Tablets are talked about for the business market, but I really want one that fits with both home and work. I've been using Dell Latitude laptops for a long time now, and have often wanted a tablet.

Why for the home? Some of my best memories of mixing computing and children are when I borrowed a tablet PC one Christmas. I was amazed at the difference a Tablet makes to the style of interaction you can have with a 2 year old with a computer. We drew pictures, looked up images, found the words to carols and sang them together, all without any sense that the computer was intruding. Since I work with computers too much, I really value technologies that make them seem a bit more human to my kids.

Also, the Tablet developed at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, back in the early days. And there's a good deal of zany work on related topics going on here at the moment 🙂

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