F# for Visualization (by Jon Harrop)

Some people ask me if "Jon Harrop" is an alter-ego. I wish he was, since then I'd be a lot smarter than I am 🙂  We (the F# and all the Microsoft .NET teams) can make the language and the framework, but Jon is one of those many users who helps make it sparkle. Here are some things he's made available recently:

  Jon also makes money from his consultancy and products, and here are some of the things he offers:

One thing Jon did recently was an analysis of who's been filling in the survey form of his website, and what they're interested in. He's tied it together in an interesting blog entry "Who Wants F#?".  There are also lots of other things on his website, from OCaml to Mathematica. I believe Jon may also be open to giving courses on F# and functional programming, should you or your company be interested.



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